It is only a matter of months before GDPR kicks in and organisations are faced with a new data protection regime to deal with - including the potential for new fines.  Yet only 6% of FTSE350 companies are completely prepared according to a new UK government survey.

What is even more scary is that a massive 60% are only "slightly" or "somewhat" aware of GDPR requirements.  Being that GDPR offers protection to every EU citizen in respect to how their data is handled, processed , protected and maintained, it seems somewhat naive and risky not to pay more attention to it.

Organisations have to take the bull by the horns and tackle it from legal, operational and technical perspectives.  From a data perspective, it is important to understand where data actually resides as opposed to where you think it does. It is also imperative to fully appreciate how and where it is used. Given the widespread use of data within organisations, this is not a small task and it is time that people take action.