Customer due diligence at the beginning and throughout your business relationship is key to identifying and mitigating your financial crime risk exposure. A&M applies a thorough, tiered method to gaining insight into the hidden risks to your customer base:

Enhanced Due Diligence

• In depth review of customer information when higher risk factors are present

• Mapping customer information to relevant risk factors such as source of funds, geography, business type, negative media, transaction activity, PEPs and beneficial ownership

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

• Clarifying complex ownership structures, identifying illicit shell companies, and reviewing intermediaries

• Employing artificial intelligence/machine learning technology that helps solve the complex challenge of finding people engaged in financial crimes.

Global Sanctions Screening

• Identify politically exposed persons (PEPs) or persons that may expose an organization to financial fraud

• Identify persons or entities that are precluded from conducting business in the United States due to economic and trade prohibitions