Great article from The Lawyer, featuring the comments and insights from three UK lawyers with significant experience managing e-discovery processes.

They make some great remarks and have some fascinating insights into how they approach cases, especially as TAR continues to evolve and be used post the Pyrrho case.

We have also been using TAR for many years - using it as an intelligent way to: prioritize documents for review, cull 'rubbish' quickly and help draw key documents to the surface.  The benefits derived from it means that we are not applying these techniques to all cases as part of our standard modus operandi.

As highlighted in the article, the technology is just part of the solution.  It needs to be applied in an intelligent, reasoned and efficient manner within the context of the dispute and jurisdiction to fully make the most of it.

Crafting how it can be used to gain maximum advantage, along with other tools and techniques, is something that keeps us challenged and motivated, especially as technology continues to advance.