During my last six months in the military, I distinctly remember being "that guy" in meetings who would relay the thoughts of some of my peers on their behalf. Why? Because there was little long-term consequence to me challenging ideas (respectfully) in a public forum. I became the de facto "Yoda" as described in HBR's article below. 

So what happens to teams that don't have that unencumbered person to relay potentially controversial, yet valuable opinions? Well, they may be grounded in group think and get caught in the trappings of "We've always done it that way." How leaders demonstrate* a commitment to idea sharing is key to engaging team members and maximizing group potential. Your "Yoda" should be someone with longevity and a personal stake in your team's strategy and vision.

*PRO TIP: Simply publishing an Open Door Policy doesn't turn your organization into a bastion of free-flowing ideas and communication.