This is not a new case, but it has finally reached the US Supreme Court.  From a pure legal jurisdictional perspective, this case has wide-ranging ramifications as can be seen by the different arguments and the likely implications on businesses depending on the outcome.

Businesses of all shapes and sources are moving towards cloud solutions to take advantage of the efficiencies these solutions provide.  But as they do that, they need to ensure that they weigh any legal or regulatory requirements that also impact them.

The issues at hand in this case (i.e. the rights of US law enforcement to access this data) are just one angle. Complying with GDPR is also a pressing factor and will require detailed knowledge of the cloud environment being used - never mind the practical side of being able to efficiently retrieve data en masse, if required for legal and/or regulatory requirements.

Cloud technologies provide great benefits and efficiencies to businesses. They just should not be jumped into blindly.  This case illustrates why that is the case.