Privacy, and particularly GDPR, appear to be "hot" search terms on Google at the moment. Some would argue it is a little too little, too late. GDPR is now only days away and it has not suddenly been sprung on has been in the making for years.

But the growing upwards trend of more general privacy terms is a reflection on how the topic is becoming more relevant to people. This is a lesson that businesses need to take on board and build on as they develop new solutions and products. Privacy by design, a key concept within GDPR, may also be a key future requirement for customers/clients - all the more reason to not be complacent.

Most businesses have a good understanding of the requirements of GDPR, and are putting measures in place to ensure that they use data in a permitted way. However, they must remember that GDPR is a living regulation and compliance is ongoing – it needs to be maintained and reassessed as systems evolve; it is not a simple tick-box exercise.

And let's not forget that the real test will be when a business has to deal with a data breach, a complaint or a subject access request. Then they will have to turn their planning and knowledge into real action.