We live in a noisy world. Last week I was driving on 287 in Westchester. I saw a big red truck with the handle @ParamountStone and a bunch of relevant hashtags like #marble and #granite on its back. It caught my attention. And made me think about building materials long after I passed it by. Their hashtags made me look at their company website, even though right now I have no need for marble, paving or a new firepit.

Perhaps I’m not used to seeing mobile real estate used that effectively or I’m simply not used to seeing #SocialMedia used by construction companies, but either way, it made me think beyond the hashtags to creative advertising and branding.

Our global management consulting company has not historically advertised. We don't toot our own horn. As the CMO, sometimes I wish we would. Our philosophy is about putting our clients first, being objective and having a good time. Our work speaks for itself. We have an amazing set of core values that the people here live by. We more quietly communicate our capabilities to our prospects and recruits, but our work and our approach is every bit as #innovative and #assertive as that truck and its hashtags.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve engaged in wonderful conversations with some of our professionals about how they’ve helped solve our clients' problems. My challenge, which I happily embrace, is to clearly communicate our capabilities to our prospects and recruits, without using hashtags on the side of our building. But I want our story out there, to reach, and potentially help, as many clients as is possible. The truck made me think beyond hashtags and for that I am grateful.

At first glance, the connection between #marble and #consulting may seem tenuous - but to me, this morning, it seemed #crystal #clear like #quartz.