Great article by Robin Ganguly on the use of predictive coding and other technology assisted review techniques during an insolvency trial.  This is another example of how these techniques are becoming recognised more and more in UK courts and should be more widely adopted - for all the reasons set out in Robin's article!

Data has always been of importance to insolvency practitioners, and securing it before, during and/or at the end of an appointment is something that is regularly performed.  As technologies advance, it allows for the captured data to be analysed and investigated in a more efficient and effective manner.

Therefore, during any insolvency matter, the importance of having an integrated and effective team is becoming greater as data continues to impact the way insolvency matters, especially those with allegations of 'bad' behaviour, are managed.  It is something that is considered on every appointment we take at A&M and should be top of mind on all matters!

Co-authored with Ben Cairns, from the A&M Restructuring team in London.