For the young and inexperienced, your status and the relevance of your network is believed to be determined by quantity – your number of friends or followers on social media.  This mindset often spills over into your approach to building professional relationships and networking.  It is in the trenches of building a business or advancing a career that young professionals realize robust professional networks are defined by the quality of the relationship not just the number of contacts.

But how does one build a quality professional network – especially if new to a firm, an industry or even early on in a career?

As so eloquently outlined by the headhunter in Quartz, to build a network of relationships – one should:

  • Start with what is familiar – create a foundation with those you trust;
  • Uncover connections and ask for introductions from your foundation group;
  • A professional relationship is not just about business – demonstrate you care about the individual too; and
  • Be generous – a relationship cultivated from quid pro quos cannot thrive.

Understanding how to build a professional network of quality relationships rather than a high quantity of contacts typically signals a turning point in the development of any professional.