The next new money, dubbed "S-Money," is a theoretical framework that potentially improves upon the security and speed advantages promised by cryptocurrency. S-Money seeks, in part, to solve the security issues that the vastly increased power of quantum computing might pose for current systems, even blockchain.

Quantum advantage and quantum supremacy could create a variety of opportunities and threats for current and emerging technology... certainly something to keep an eye on in the same way blockchain is changing the landscape of money, payments and supply chains. S-Money may be the first of a wave of similar developments.

"While the S-money system requires large computational overhead, it may be feasible with current computer technology. Later this year, Kent and his colleagues hope to conduct some proof-of-concept testing working with the Quantum Communications Hub, of which the University of Cambridge is a partner institution. They hope to understand how fast S-money can be issued and spent on a network using off-the-shelf technologies."