The UTB LLC v Sheffield United Limited [2019] EWHC 914 (Ch) case continues to draw interest in the eDisclosure community, as it is the first reported case to really focus on Practice Direction 51U - disclosure pilot for the business and property courts.

It is interesting to read Gillian O'Regan and Parham Kouchikali from RPC's views on how they see this impacting cases going forward.  As time passes, we should be seeing more cases and disclosure issues decided under the new rules.

This case provides an early statement of intent from the courts on how they are going to employ Practice Direction 51U.  It certainly causes us all to think about how the changes will impact, not just new cases, but existing cases where disclosure is yet to be fully dealt with.

There is going to be much more consideration given to which model to follow under the new rules and specifically the advantages and disadvantages of it under the context of each case: it will not be the same decision for every matter.

I have also previously commented on this case: