"Lapses in anti-money laundering and financial crimes controls are more likely to affect a banks’ credit rating than almost any other non-financial factor..."

We often approach the "carrot & stick" motivations for pursuing financial crime prevention in the context of reputational, financial, compliance, legal and operational risk. The other related twist is the credit risk connected to heavy fines and organizational chaos that depletes operating capital and ability to invest in growth.

An estimated $2-4 trillion is attributed to financial crime flows each year globally, and businesses spend, on average, 10-15 percent of their operating costs on compliance. Increasing that percentage due to regulatory action doesn't bode well for organizational effectiveness.

A&M's Financial Crimes Monitoring & Investigations Center leverages a history of operational excellence alongside cost-efficient, effective resources to mitigate risk and lower costs for our clients. http://bit.ly/2Es1PRc