At the moment, it feels to me like blockchain is a 'cool tech' looking for applications. Obviously, that's the wrong way to tackle government issues. We should first really identify our priority problems, and then determine what tech might be most applicable. 

One of the challenges blockchain faces, though, is so few government officials are literate in the technology. So, when considering their issues, they usually don't even THINK about blockchain as a technology that can help. But, from what I've been learning, it has the potential to tackle many of government's big, hairy issues, like fossil-free energy, improving disaster management, supporting entrepreneurship and property rights where both are in short supply, and more.

Blockchain is very likely to start being widely adopted by private sector in the coming years. The key question for government - do you want to shape how blockchain might be used, or do you want to wait and 'catch up' later? That will only delay your citizens receiving the potential benefits - and who wants to be on the hook for that?