U.S. governments are not realizing the full value of their assets, and thus are depriving citizens of a potential revenue that could dramatically improve infrastructure and even routine services. Clearly identifying those assets is step one, as argued in the book The Public Wealth of Cities. The next important step is to set up professional management of those assets with the goal to maximize the return for the public

One mechanism to do so (and summarized in this article) is the idea of a 'government wealth fund.' This would be a separate entity still accountable to the government and required to be transparent. But, it would run independently and be charged with returning revenue to the government, not to shareholders or their equivalent.

In the context of U.S. government, where responsibility is highly fractured, I think a centralized wealth fund like this could be difficult to implement and manage in one go. But, I think the concept is on track. What do you think and how would you go about implementing it?