Taking advantage of AI in government, I believe, will ultimately rely on cities. How so? I'm glad you asked ;-). Cities need to create the culture and ecosystem that will draw in all the capabilities required to take advantage of AI (government, private sector, academia). They are also the best 'test beds' for how AI can work to improve citizens' lives. And, U.S. cities have a well-established long-existing framework of communicating with each other to share what works and what doesn't - they can simultaneously test out different ideas, and adopt/adapt quickly what they learn from each other. 

This article summarizes a study rating cities around the world on their readiness to fill this leadership role in AI. Singapore tops the list. U.S. cities comprise 7 of the top 20. But the most interesting thing to me is the finding that Chinese cities, while few are in the top 20, dominate the 'fastest improving' category. 

I continue to feel strongly that we have great advantages in the U.S. for leading the adoption of AI in government, but we are currently nowhere close to taking advantage of them. And the rest of the world is quickly doing better than we are in realizing the potential AI brings. 

I've been making this same point pretty strenuously all week. Please let me know what you think - we need more of this conversation.