Governments all over the world have a potential resource that is largely sitting untapped - all the financial and non-financial assets they hold. 

Most government financial reporting and management focus almost exclusively on the expenditure and debt/liability side of the balance sheet. In general, there is very little attention paid to the asset side - I know this first hand as most governments I led and have worked with show their assets, like land and buildings, only at initial purchase value for years, or even decades, after they were placed on the balance sheet. If governments took stock of the current value of those assets, and used that value to leverage other investments, or to generate more revenue, the potential is enormous.

The International Monetary Fund has actually done the hard work to research what those assets globally total and their estimate is staggering - over $101 TRILLION! Obviously, that total is distributed among many governments, but the fact it is that high indicates many governments are sitting on considerable assets. We need to start talking about how to realize value from them to improve the citizens' lives, perhaps without ever raising taxes or fees. Are you interested in this discussion? Start learning more from this IMF report.