One of the great challenges for govt is that it's much more difficult than private sector to measure and report 'performance' - what really IS the 'bottom line' for govt? It's about delivering public policy goals (determined by a political process) as efficiently as possible (where there are usually no comparable services to tell what's efficient). This is devilishly difficult. And we generally lack any sort of connection between the money spent and how that money achieved the policy goals.

This article describes generally a product from EY that purports to use blockchain tech to make those connections. I cannot verify this product as I'm not familiar with it, but the concept is intriguing enough to me, that I thought I'd pass it along to you. 

I've been struggling my entire career with this exact question - how do we demonstrate what public spending is, or is not, working to achieve public policy goals? I can see conceptually how blockchain tech could improve our ability to answer this question - I'm interested in seeing if it actually can. Let me know if you are able to view this product or have worked with it and what you think.