Fred Rogers was a wise and creative man. He was an artist and a business man. For many of us growing up in the 60's, he was also a kind teacher who wove together art, poetry, music and life lessons. 

As I finish off two weeks of travel, visiting with my marketing team in London, participating in a Board meeting for the A&M Women's Leadership Connection in Houston and finally, participating in a wonderful meeting of our CPI East group in Atlanta, I am grateful for the conversations I've had and some insights I have recently learned about some people on my team, in Corporate Performance Improvement and at the firm.

This article talks about the care and diligence Mr. Rogers put into his art. It talks about what happened behind the scenes. The last two weeks have been filled with people talking about the care and diligence people at this firm put into their relationships with their clients. And, at CPI East, I was moved to tears listening to the connection of the group and the leadership of Cyndi Joiner.

When done well, consultants weave together the business equivalent of art, music and poetry. In practice, we create a strong fabric of business and financial acumen and deep industry knowledge and practical experience. At A&M, that fabric helps our clients in myriad ways. The last two weeks have allowed me to see people and to be seen. Reading this article at the airport on my way home just tied it all together. I am grateful.