This article touches on an interesting idea - U.S. governments are generally well behind the private sector, and the public sector in much of the developed world, in adopting the use of AI. 

But, there's no question it's coming - the value proposition and the demands of citizens are simply growing too loud. Government have been slow to adopt it largely because what they're using is working - it's just usually terribly inefficient (think about how much better your DMV experience could be if you didn't have to wait in line . . .). 

Well, the demand for better services may finally be reaching the point where the investment MUST be made. So, let's not be incremental - let's get the best current tech and make the processes incredibly efficient RIGHT NOW - how I'd define 'leapfrogging' in this context. I understand the pressure on governments to not spend money until it's all totally proven - it makes sense, as frustrating as it is - but, I'd urge all of us to be ready to argue that, once we DO start spending the money, let's do it whole-heartedly and catchup all the way.