I try to bring to your attention information I find on the topics of advanced technology, and new partnership and finance models that I believe will make government much more effective and efficient. And, how we're all dealing with the coronavirus brings it all together. 

This article gives ten GREAT examples of how some use a combination of advanced technology and public/private partnerships are making it possible for us to deal with this virus in a way that won't threaten humanity. 

The story that resonated the most with me is how one private-sector AI is being used to analyze the proteins that make coronavirus work and, within weeks (yes, WEEKS) has offered up suggestions for attacking it, an approach that other public and private-sector providers can test. 

It's going to take all of us using all our tools and capabilities to minimize the impact of this virus (and I think even minimized, that impact will be significant). Here are some great examples for you to think about and inspire you to find ways to make things better and faster in your community.