I believe the coronavirus may be the event that really awakens the world to the potential benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Those technologies are helping us 'bend the curve' of the spread and impact of the virus much faster and more significantly than was ever possible before. 

This article summarizes four ways that this is happening. And, as we gather and analyze more data, this technology will only get better at making predictions and identifying potential problems, so we can act early enough before a problem becomes much more significant.

While the tech is great, ultimately it comes down to using it effectively. The other part of how governments can become much more effective with the tech is to also adopt better partnership, service delivery and financial models. The old ways of working just won't be effective. Once you have the information about a pandemic AI can give you, will it be best for governments to go at it alone to deal with it? That's another topic, but it all comes together - let's continue to talk about it.