So, one of the most significant issues facing us right now in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is making enough medical supplies. But, as more people fall ill, we are also likely to see shortfalls in other items, like food. 

The combination of AI (to identify as early as possible where outbreaks and shortages are most likely to occur), 3D printing (to make necessary supplies as close to the need as possible) and Blockchain (to verify the products you're using are, indeed, made from where they claim - to prevent price gouging and fake product distribution) can combine to help us respond, and recover, much more rapidly and efficiently. 

These technologies are not yet combined at a scale to prove out this theory for certain, but it sure makes sense. And, each part of the idea IS actually happening somewhere. The investment and coordination required to make this idea happen seem worth considering. Unfortunately, we're likely going to need it for other pandemics and disasters.