An interesting article by Katy Godwin and Craig McCarty at Osborne Clarke looking at the impact Covid-19 is having on businesses in respect of disclosure.  This article does not focus on the challenges of disclosure in the current climate, nor how these are being dealt with - see my post on this in Linked In.

This article looks at the current business practices being followed by businesses whilst we are in lock down and the challenges that these will create in a disclosure context.  Rightly the article focuses on the two most pressing topics of: how documents are being created, managed and stored; as well as obligations of parties already involved in litigation and specifically around how they communicate and how those communications are recorded.

This is something that every business has to consider and be prepared for - especially where there is litigation happening or contemplated.  The current crisis is not stopping litigation and in fact could well increase as time passes by - businesses therefore should not neglect this, even though it is probably not their top priority.