I've written previously about the impressive partnerships developing in Detroit and LA County to help their business communities recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's starting to emerge that we are not going to just 'return to business as normal.' We will be working very differently for some time, I believe, and we need to start figuring out how. 

The #Bhamstrong program combines $2.4 million in loans with technical assistance from government, higher education, and private sector providers to support small businesses to figure out not just recovery from the immediate impact of the pandemic. They are also thinking about the longer-term impacts and potential changes for how our economy might work. 

I think these sorts of partnerships might survive long past this crisis, and could introduce terrific innovation, which our economy needs desperately. It will happen only if we all can work successfully together to bring out different perspectives and capabilities. Where else are you seeing this start to happen?