It's becoming clear we cannot 'open the U.S. economy' with any sense of safety and security without extensive testing and contact tracing. However, we've been starving our public healthcare system so long that it's in no condition to ramp up to what we need in such a short time. Estimates are that we need, just for contact tracing, the equivalent of 300,000 trained people. The cost and the ramp up for that level of effort across the U.S. is challenging, to say the least.

This article outlines ideas for how the combination of private hospital systems, combined with public health care networks, and technology provided by the private sector, could give us the equivalent of those 300,000 people, and perhaps do it more quickly. While there are many details and privacy concerns to work out, this idea strikes me as unquestioningly worth exploring further. What do you think? What could you contribute to making this, or some variation on it, happen?