The COVID-19 pandemic is creating opportunities for governments to rapidly learn ways to use some of our most advanced technology to assist with both mitigation and 're-opening.' And, different countries and governments are following different paths, which generally vary based on the extent of their exposure and their own customs, laws and cultural acceptance of how the technologies might be used. But, while there are differences, we can still learn a great deal from each other.

In that spirit, I'm passing along this brief article with links to how Middle Eastern countries are using AI, internet-of-things, scanning and ID technology, and more, to track COVID-19 patients to limit the outbreak and to speed economic recovery. 

While I personally think some of these techniques will not be acceptable in a U.S. context (too much 'government control' and privacy concerns), they seem to be at least more acceptable in a Middle Eastern context, and also appear to be very effective (at least at the moment). 

We may not be able to 'drag and drop' these ideas into the U.S., but we should consider how they might be modified to work in our cultural and legal context. What are your thoughts?