It's becoming more obvious opening up our economies to any great degree will depend largely on individuals' confidence in whatever testing and tracking regimens are in place. The more confident you are that we know where the disease exists and who has it, the more likely you will be to be economically active.

So, we need to learn from all the efforts that different governments are undertaking in order to quickly ramp up testing and tracking efforts. This one from India caught my eye. They are stocking buses with testing and treatment equipment, and advanced AI and reporting tech. They can test a large number of people in a short period of time, record the results and track who might be most affected. The buses can then be moved to 'hotspots' as identified by other technology to help mitigate the impact of outbreaks.

There's much to figure out and I'm sure this solution is not yet perfect. But, it's certainly an intriguing and innovative model that governments can consider as we all figure out our own strategies for both economic recovery and how we best manage and mitigate the continuing threat COVID-19 presents.