This is great.  Recently, I've been sharing news about various public-private partnerships ramping up to try to deal with the essential need for COVID-19 testing to enable us to 'open up' our economy with reasonable confidence that we all won't just continue spreading the disease. Because we've been starving our public health systems for years, they are in no position to ramp up those capabilities as rapidly and to the scale necessary. And, no private sector players bring the scale and authority to do so. 

The answer? Combine the capabilities they both bring, and ideally combine them at the national, state and local levels. I've shared stories recently about P3s at the national and state level. Here is a wonderful story about a partnership serving Martha's Vineyard to provide 'universal testing' for all residents, and to provide it at minimal, or no, out-of-pocket cost. 

We are facing a huge task in scaling up ongoing testing quickly in order to get our economy functioning to some form of normalcy (whatever that will eventually mean). It is ONLY if we combine the capabilities of government, non-profits, private-sector and academia that we can even begin to meet this challenge. None of us can accomplish alone what all of us can accomplish together.