I've written a number of times on the potential uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to help manage and mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, it's happening - it's real. This article gives links to where you can learn more about how this game-changing technology is not theoretical, it's making a difference here and now:

- French chatbots are answering citizens' questions about their symptoms and where to find assistance;

- An AI in the UK is monitoring crops to improve supply chains and provide system resilience;

- An AI in Canada monitoring news reports, airline data, and animal disease network raised the alarm of a potential outbreak on Wuhan well before anyone else;

- An American AI/ML system 'reads' 128,000 research papers and can assist researchers in natural queries on what's been found to accelerate analysis and discovery of a potential vaccine;

- Another AI/ML system is helping researchers analyze existing drugs to forecast which might be most effective in lessening the impact of COVID-19 while we find a vaccine. The results have sped time of testing considerably.

One silver lining to this pandemic is that we are finding significant real-world uses for this most advanced technology. Governments all over the world, and their citizens, can and will benefit as we continue to explore and find more. What are some of your ideas?