I've written a number of times on the extraordinarily beneficial uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technology can provide. I've also written quite a bit on how much we need to have a careful discussion on how to balance those benefits with the equally extraordinary damage such technology can cause.

The U.S. government has resisted participating in global government-to-government conversations on this topic, citing concerns it could limit the U.S.'s options in using the technology. However, the administration has finally announced it will now be part of the conversations going forward as part of an OECD working group. 

While it's a shame it took concern that we might be losing our lead to China to motivate this decision, at least it's the right decision ultimately for us to find ways to sustain our values while still taking maximum advantage of AI/ML technology. Please pay as much attention as you can to this topic, as I have little doubt it will start to move quickly from these global-level conversations to local-level events.