Governments must become 'technology focused organizations.' The Covid pandemic is only highlighting this need. Many governments are racing to adapt, but the breadth of the changes can be intimidating. We must push forward, though, and learn from each other on how to take maximum advantage of technologies while still providing the privacy and security we all value so highly.

One of the first 'newer' technologies that is emerging so rapidly during the pandemic is artificial intelligence (AI). We are starting to learn some important lessons on how to use it while protecting privacy and taking advantage of what humans do best, complemented with technology. We still have much to learn, but this article provides a good summary of how to drive tech/human integration so far and, most importantly, gives you links to what are some of the latest efforts so you can see yourself some of what's going on. 

I encourage us all to start researching and learning about all the various aspects of making government more 'tech focused.' Our societies and economies will only benefit as we all do so.