Governments must become 'technology focused organizations' to provide the best services to citizens at the most reasonable costs. Becoming 'tech focused', though, encompasses a huge amount of transformational change. And, as they say, the only way to eat an elephant is to take one bite at a time.

One of the primary areas to start making changes is in the traditional government procurement processes. The current methods of bringing on technology through detailed requirements definition, and task-based focus on deliverables, usually with fixed-fee contracts, is unlikely to drive the innovative, flexible, rapidly-adjusting government organizations we need. This disconnect has become evident during the pandemic, but governments are showing some flexibility in making rapid procurements to bring the best technology to bear - there is some hope.

The World Economic Forum has developed and released a set of guidelines for revised government procurement practices. Adopting these guidelines could help governments drive and benefit from more innovation in the marketplace. It is worth sharing and learning about them, and adapting them in our own governmental settings, so we can bring the best services possible to our constituencies.