One of the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge increase in need for food from people who have been laid off or are missing monetary support for some other reason. The spike in demand at food banks all over the country is leading to exploration of creative solutions, including rapid establishment of public-private partnerships (P3).

Here's an example from Maui County in Hawaii, where the government essentially is playing go-between, combining funding from private sources with public dollars, and then managing a program to funnel that money to various existing non-profits that are already providing food assistance - they just need help to meet the increased demand. 

This looks like a great example of taking what all the partners already do well, and combining them in a more-formal structure to do it all faster and more efficiently. In other words, doing together what none of us can do all by ourselves. 

It's worth learning what's working here and seeing if this model can be useful to us in non-pandemic settings after we come out the other side.