There is a natural concern that widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) will mean displacing workers. If that is why you are looking to use AI, it's likely you will fail. The true value of AI is in making human workers more productive and enabling them to make better decisions - not in replacing them.

One of the key ways AI can achieve this goal is by actually analyzing and managing far more data than the human brain can take in. The technology can consume vast amounts of data, figure out relationships (yes, with the occasional silly correlation, but again that's why humans are so important), and help make sense of the findings - and do so far more efficiently than a human. But it won't make any sense without a human 'lens' and someone to figure out the 'who cares?' part of the findings. It's all about how we apply and use the information, not the fact that we have it.

So, I like the quote in this article where the speaker refers to AI as 'augmented intelligence, not artificial intelligence.' I think this captures the purpose wonderfully. There are some good examples in this article where we are starting to see this augmented intelligence starting to make a difference in helping humans make better, and more timely, decisions to provide better services to citizens.