I wrote a few weeks ago about the immense public-private partnership effort that has assisted New York in so many ways to recover and hopefully mitigate some of the impact of the COVID pandemic. This article gives some background on the COVID-19 Technology SWAT Partnership, and some of the stats are truly impressive:

- Recruited 7,300 volunteers from 3,500 different organizations

- 40 projects completed over three months

- Facilitated 49 million interactions between state government and citizens

- Saved taxpayers an estimated $14 million 

They did it all in a series of 30- to 90-day sprints with the key philosophy being 'prioritize easing the burden on front-line workers above all else.' Makes sense . . .

This article includes a link to their 11-page progress report, as well as a 14-page playbook, which includes how-to guidelines and recommendations. This is probably worth looking at for anyone interested in using this model of P3.

The big, obvious question - what are the other public policy issues where can we apply this level of cooperation and volunteer support that can make our society so much better?