A public-private partnership in Pittsburgh has announced plans to open up a 45,000-square-foot shelter near downtown for homeless adults. This article names all the partners (it's a long list), who did what (some provided funding, others provided expertise) and what'll be included in the facility. It looks like an impressive collaboration.

The COVID crisis has seen many innovative examples of public-private partnerships that are, at their core, members of a community coming together to help each other. While that statement is idealistic, there's no reason the model can't be applied to other important issues - like homelessness. This is a terrific example of how such partnerships can come together. 

I believe we are facing years of lower government revenue, and more serious social crises. Partnerships like we're seeing during the COVID pandemic are likely to be a key tool in dealing with these challenges. And now, in Pittsburgh, we can see a non-COVID example of trying to make it happen.