An interesting take here on and Legal Tech News regarding some general guidance on key TAR use issues.

This specific piece looks at a new technology-assisted review (TAR) case, Livingston v. City of Chicago, and provides instructive guidance on any number of key issues surrounding the use of TAR. From affirming the notion of Sedona Principle Six and approving the use of search terms, to pre-cull a data set, to emphasising the importance of not holding TAR to a higher standard than other search and review methods, Livingston provides additional clarity on issues sometimes clouded by conflicting TAR case law.

I think the key point to note here though is that one size really does not fit all when it comes to TAR and we all need to know where and, perhaps more importantly, how to use it. Ultimately, understanding data population, goals of using TAR and how you configure it to ensure success will be paramount moving forward.

In summary, when used correctly, TAR can be very powerful. However, a click and forget method could be very damaging indeed.