If you want an insightful summary of the position in Brazil around e-discovery and information governance, then take a read of this piece.

This for me is very interesting, especially given the fact our Brazil team is expanding right now.

Data is very pervasive and mobile. As such, it is important to consider all of the local jurisdictions, rules and best practices.

There is, of course, always a balance here as data inherently does not change wherever it is. Certainly, language may change, but the actual encoding of that does not. That being said, however, we know that local laws, regulations, culture and experience can all drive different solutions so need to be mindful of this too.

We have a great deal of experience generating client/ project-specific solutions for clients in this way, adapting processes and technology to make it fit for purpose.

Find out more about what the team is doing in Brazil by contacting Marcos Ganut here: https://www.alvarezandmarsal.com/our-people/marcos-ganut