This piece on Law 360 looks at a recent case where there were allegations of document tampering. Now I will start by saying that I do not want to get involved in the specifics of the case as it would be inappropriate given I do not know the details. However, the reason I have taken an interest in this is because electronic data has been forming a more and more important role in business of late. As such, allegations of tampering and/or forgeries are something we often get asked to investigate, either from the claimant’s or the defendant’s perspective.

This can be specific documents, emails, records within a database, text/chat messages, or even reports generated from a management system, to name but a few.

Some key considerations people should be aware of when it comes to document tampering include

  • Make sure that an open mind is maintained at all time, and that different hypotheses are considered and tested;
  • Ensure a proper forensic process is followed;
  • Consider alternative sources of evidence that could help determine an opinion;
  • Try to get data from the original source system(s) if possible.

If this is something that is of interest to you, or indeed concerns you, drop me a line.