The United States Congress is currently considering the passing of the "Countering Russian and Overseas Kleptocracy ACT ("CROOK Act).  The Act "seeks to authorize the Secretary of State to establish a fund to be known as the “Anti-Corruption Action Fund” to aid foreign states to prevent and fight public corruption and develop rule of law based governance structures, including accountable investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial bodies, and supplement existing foreign assistance and diplomacy with respect to such efforts.

The United States House and Senate have two versions of this proposed legislation with the House planning to tax all civil and criminal fines related to FCPA enforcement while the Senate proposes to tax only FCPA fines above USD 50 million, with such funds being deposited with the United States Treasury "Anti-Corruption Action Fund".

Recently, the Americas Quarterly provided an interesting perspective on the above specifically in relation to anti-corruption cooperation efforts in Latin America (see below link and quote).

It is a good read for those interested in ongoing prospects for cross border cooperation in the Latin America Region (and globally) to combat corruption throughout the Hemisphere and to get a better understanding of the issues at hand.