I've never been a big one for popularity contests. I think it is holdover from my high school days in Queens.  I've had a persistent idea though that I'd like to share, as I was recently honored to have been selected as a finalist for the OnCon 2021 Top 100 Marketing Award.

I'm humbled to be in extremely impressive company, but it dawned on me, since I am competitive, how could I try to show what we've been doing at A&M that is in fact "worthy" of winning this award? Stay with me. There is a method to the madness.

Lately I have been speaking to many MDs in my firm, and to others, about our success with @Passle (this platform) in concert with paid LinkedIn Ads. I share our case study that demonstrates how a carefully crafted post, targeted to the right people, combined with an inexpensive (1.5K) spend on LinkedIn can yield HUGE results. We tracked the ROI and in an early instance of using Passle, I converted 1.5K in ad money into 12 million dollars in revenue for my Financial Crimes group.  I recently spoke with Connor Kinnear at the Annual Legal Marketing Association Virtual 2020 Conference about how we did it; you can see our presentation here

Here is the point: I'm using Passle to write this post and then amplifying the exposure using their very cool Twitter function (where I manually selected for directly and tangentially relevant tweets), to see if I can encourage people from both inside AND outside my own network to please click the link and, gulp, vote for me.  It will demonstrate that Passle is just one great example of an effective marketing program that I have set up at A&M.

Please also feel free to share and like across your Social Networks if your connections could learn from our Passle experience and the attached curated tweets. 

There are some amazing marketers on the OnCon finalist list. Some with very large budgets.  I believe that smart marketing though can conquer big budgets in many circumstances.

Thanks so much for reading and voting and also take a look at the rich offerings OnConferences offers.