The team at Herbert Smith Freehills have written a good piece here on the 7 takeaways from the new DPA guidance in the SFO’s Operational Handbook.

The new DPA guidance is published within the Operational Handbook, a document that the SFO uses as a practical internal reference guide. This sets out standard processes, instructions and guidance for SFO casework, and reflects best practice for staff. The SFO publishes its handbook in the interests of public transparency, and notes that the external version may be a redacted version of the internal version.

I’ll let you read the full paper, but in short, the seven key themes that companies should take away from the publication as noted Herbert Smith Freehills are as follows:

  • Co-operation and self-reporting
  • Impact on third parties
  • Parallel, multi-jurisdictional investigations
  • Compensation
  • Discount
  • Compliance and monitorship

I really just wanted to share this for the insightful views and, indeed, good guidance. DPAs are a tool being increasingly used by the SFO and therefore important for people to take this sort of advice on board and consider how they change their operations and approach to dealing with these sorts of challenges.

This was a great read Dan Hudson and Susannah Cogman – thank you.