This piece by the team at Burges Salmon makes for some interesting reading. Jeremy Dickerson takes a look at how one manages “attorney’s eyes only” documents.

For those who may not be aware what ‘eyes only documents are’,  they are documents that are very sensitive and therefore need to be restricted to just the opposing legal team and their experts, as opposed to the ultimate entities involved in the litigation.

Now, whilst I cannot comment on the legal tests and requirements to obtain this additional protection, from a technical perspective, this is something we regularly deal with here at Alvarez & Marsal. In fact, we deal with them both in these circumstances, and also within certain investigations and regulatory enquiries.

Securely implementing these layers of additional protection can include restricting access to certain classes of documents to specific users or user groups, restricting access based on certain fixed IP addresses and restricting what the users can do, such as print, download and so forth.

This can equally be applied when dealing with mobile platforms too that can be deployed behind organisational firewalls and/or in different jurisdictions to meet additional security restrictions.

If you want to hear more on this, drop me a line.