I wholeheartedly agree with this 2020 review piece on Law 360. The 2020 trends and developments laid out by the authors (Jim CalvertAlison Grounds and Briordy Meyers) are so interesting and well worth a read if you have a few minutes spare. I particularly liked the sanctions point at the end too.

It’s interesting to see the authors’ perspectives around Zoom and Slack and the uptake in these platforms due to remote working. I agree with their sentiments. As I have mentioned before, the key is how people deal with these platforms, not just operationally to deliver work, but when discoverable data is stored within these systems too.

The authors also talk about how, “in addition to disappearing boundaries between work and personal time, 2020 also saw the continued movement of data across borders as the conflict between privacy regimes and discovery obligations received increased attention.” This is certainly something we have been witnessing here and something my colleague Robert Grosvenor can talk about in great detail.

The authors also note some interesting points on Technology Assisted Review ("TAR") too.

To see more about what I have been saying recently about TAR, click on the links below: