Do you recall the year that was 2020?! Feels like a long time ago already...

This is an interesting post that brings together a summary of the Mayer Brown team’s top tips from 2020.

In short, it’s a useful reflection of some of the key talking points of last year and topics that I have regularly commented on.

You cannot look back at the year of 2020 without thinking about the pandemic and new ways of working. And certainly, the increased risks of remote working due to the pandemic have become more and more prevalent. And as such, companies need to consider how they control and safeguard data is an environment where it is accessible from more places in more ways by potentially more people.

I definitely agree with the authors’ (Oral D. Pottinger and Anthony D. Pastore) sentiment about AI too. As they say, “digital contract management tools are invaluable for identifying force majeure clauses and other contract provisions that may have been triggered by unforeseen economic conditions. With this functionality at their fingertips, users have been able to react quickly and intelligently to the crisis caused by the pandemic.”

If you want a good year in review piece, they definitely take a read.