I enjoyed reading this precis about the arrest of a former medical director of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey for allegedly stealing trade secrets. The piece is all about the forensic computer investigation that followed and how it uncovered the alleged illegal transfer of trade secrets.

Reading this reminded me of is my early days working with the media and educating people about just how much data can be stored on a computer and indeed how much we can trace forensically. One of the things that always shocked people was even if that device was wiped, destroyed or water logged, we could still forensically search it. I think this still continues to surprise people today too.

This specific piece elaborates on two fundamental trade secrets regarding protection strategies:

- Establish and maintain a vigorous company email monitoring program.

- Conduct periodic background checks of employees who have access to complex and valuable trade secrets.

Sure, this brings into question the Big Brother debate, but as a company you need to make sure you are protected and that means regular monitoring and checks. As the author Ron Alvarez from IP PI blog states, “in this digital age, it is critical that companies embrace computer monitoring as one (of several) strategies required to keep their intellectual property fenced in.” And I couldn’t agree more..