How can attorneys and the legal industry incorporate the lessons learned from last year into their work? 

This piece on was a good read by Samantha Kepler, Helen Stocklin-Enright and Jessica Tseng Hasen from Perkins Coie

My takeaways include:

  • Flexibility and adaptability are essential. We have been able to successfully modify operations to enable all services to continue during the pandemic. This has also introduced some efficiencies and we will continue to focus on them.
  • People are key. We need to ensure we are putting in processes and protocols to guarantee no one feels isolated or overwhelmed. This is perhaps something we took for granted when everyone was in the office, but certainly those feelings exist there as well. Equally we need to continue to build a diverse team to ensure we bring new ideas, new talent and new perspectives into our practice to succeed.
  • Working behaviours have fundamentally changed and will not ‘snap-back’ therefore these new behaviours and what this means to how and where data is stored needs to be fully incorporated into how we approach and manage engagements
  • New developments in technology can help drive efficiencies in the way we execute our work. This does not mean that the computer is “replacing” humans, but rather “empowering” them. Tech enables them to focus on where they can add value and make a real difference.

In short, we need to meld the best of what we have learnt during the pandemic into best practice for go forward operations.