What a thought-provoking piece in The Economist – though of course so many of them are.

I’ll let you digest but in reading this though I think the key thing I want to highlight here is that there’s no silver bullet. Instead, a robust and serious journey needs to be established to ensure a holistic digital and cybersecurity model involving all the players, mainly the humans.

The threats in this article focus mainly on human’s deception and then also on the technical vulnerabilities.. yet they are all related (directly or indirectly) to the human behaviour in IT/digital management processes as well.

We advise the client in how to assess and manage many of these threats. Such as (but not limited to) evaluating the risk level of the business asset(s) exposed to internet threats, looking at a company’s cybersecurity WFH policy, improving the cybersecurity awareness program including not only phishing campaign, but (at least) vishing* campaign too and challenging the cybersecurity processes involving all the business-critical stakeholders. And much more of course.

For those unsure about Vishing…. Vishing uses verbal scams to trick people into doing things they believe are in their best interests. Vishing often picks up where phishing leaves off.

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