Some interesting commentary here from Blankrome regarding criminal enforcement under Biden.

The author explains that the Biden administration has made some major policy changes with respect to environmental enforcement.

Kierstan L. Carlson says: “Earlier this year, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General sent a memorandum to the heads of each section in the DOJ’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division, which includes the sections that bring civil and criminal maritime environmental cases referred to the DOJ by the U.S. Coast Guard (“USCG”) and the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”). The memorandum revoked nine policy directives that had been in place under the Trump administration. It also stated that the Biden administration will be focusing on climate change and environmental justice.”

Here at A&M we deal with all these types of cases across our wider global DI practice. Ultimately technology and data are always front and centre at dealing with these on both a proactive and a reactive sense.

If you want to know more either Jerry Dent or Steve Spiegelhalter would be great to chat to.