This piece on Stevens&Bolton is an important read. Notably because, as we come out of lockdown, it’s highly likely that a large proportion of businesses will retain an element of remote working. And because of this, it is important that they are able to protect their trade secrets and other intellectual property. They will also need to reflect on any additional risks linked to lockdown working environments too.

As the economy recovers, we are also starting to see certain industries running hot and leading to increased demand for workers. This means that there could be an increase in staff turnover too, again potentially increasing the risk of intellectual property issues.

As we all know, controlling data (be that online, hard copy or indeed via calls) is much easier to control when within an office environment. It is very challenging in a remote setting where both accidental and malicious misuse of the information can occur.

Companies really need to think about, not only what and how they use information, but also about their policies and procedures in the event of an issue. They will also need to consider how they train and advise employees and how they engage with professional advisors too should the worst happen. Preparation - as always – is key here.

Without trying to scaremonger here, it is important that businesses take these risks seriously. This article sets out set how to approach this in a reasoned and sensible manner.